A Better Life in New Bedford

from by The Wild



A Better Life in New Bedford

They crossed the line at midnight, on the fourth of July...
under a moonlit sky, to the Texas side…the river shined in their eyes.
They clinched each other's hands, oh they reached the promised land
…and they held their breath as the flashlights lept over their heads.
They made their way to Massachusetts, where the sun hardly ever shines, and they planted a seed, an American dream, inside the Bristol county line. That seed it sprouted roots, like all things cared for it grew.
With families to support, the women went to work at that job in New Bedford. With no papers to show, no stamps on a passport…they sewed the straps onto army backpacks in that factory downtown. On the day of the raid, 300 federal agents came. With their guns drawn out and their dogs barking loud, they pushed the pregnant women on the ground. With helicopters and pain, they're example it was made. ‘If you come on our dirt looking for work, this is the price you will pay.’ She said, 'please, please, please.‘Oh my family they need me.’ As they forced her on a bus, she thought of the ones that she loved, wondering where their mother was.
A man, he is a man... regardless of the color of his skin.
Don't matter where he's going or where he's been cause who we are is within. It's so hard to believe in all these papers that I read,
cause all those outside plots to spill the melting pot are just fuel for a fire burning hot. I stood behind the barricade, by the park where the march was to start...I see them congregate with signs that say, 'god bless the usa.'


from Dreams are Maps, released May 21, 2013



all rights reserved


The Wild Atlanta, Georgia

What pine magazine had to say:

'The celebratory storytelling and punk-folksy delivery of this four-piece makes you wonder how such clean guitars could get your body shaking so hard. The Wild are a lot of fun, and their approach, defiant in a Bob Dylan sort of way, should give kids everywhere the feeling that they can make a difference in the world, no matter how bad things get in the interim.' ... more


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