Dreams are Maps

from by The Wild



Dreams Are Maps

We waste all of our time chasing some finish line,
a point of success we defined in our minds.
A spiral of stress, fear, and doubt…
Oh I used to think that’s what life was about…
Until I laid my eyes on something pure,
more beautiful than I had ever seen before.
She reminded me it’s the journey that counts,
One day the good that you’ve done will come back around.
Everything that you know will fade…
Don’t let the deeds of your past become a trap.
Everyday is destroyed to create… a new dance with fate,
a chance to learn from our mistakes.
I used to look at the world through a half fucked-up glass,
until Tony told me that my dreams are a map.
I thought about this eviction scene…
The American dream ripped from under our feet.
Some people think that a vote sets them free,
well tell that to the family asleep on the streets.
When I woke up in a park surrounded by friends,
I knew these felon politicians wouldn’t stop us again.
Everything that you love will fade,
Sometimes we know that things will never be the same.
Everyday we strengthen our hearts,
we learn that every end is just another start.


from Dreams are Maps, released May 21, 2013



all rights reserved


The Wild Atlanta, Georgia

What pine magazine had to say:

'The celebratory storytelling and punk-folksy delivery of this four-piece makes you wonder how such clean guitars could get your body shaking so hard. The Wild are a lot of fun, and their approach, defiant in a Bob Dylan sort of way, should give kids everywhere the feeling that they can make a difference in the world, no matter how bad things get in the interim.' ... more


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